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Open International University of Human Development «Ukraine»

Student Scientific Society of the Vinnitsia Institute of the University «Ukraine»

All-Ukrainian youth public organization of students with disabilities «Gaudeamus»

Social organization «Social Perspective»






May 16, 2019, Vinnytsia


The purpose of the conference is to integrate the efforts of scientists, educators, representatives of public organizations and all interested parties to discuss and solve a range of problems that arise on the way of introduction and development of an inclusive educational environment in Ukraine.

Scientific and pedagogical staff of domestic and foreign higher educational institutions, post-graduate students and applicants, students, representatives of public organizations, public administration bodies and all interested persons are invited to participate in the conference.

Deadline for submission of materials: May 10, 2019.

Main areas of work of the conference:

• Global experience of inclusive education: achievements and key issues;

• Concept of continuous inclusive education;

• Education and development of social responsibility of modern youth;

• Pedagogical technologies of inclusive education: traditions and innovation;

• Social and psychological adaptation of people with special needs to study in conditions of


• Problems of architectural accessibility and universal design of educational institutions;

• Information technologies for the formation of accessibility in the inclusive educational space;

• Legal and economic aspects of the formation of an inclusive education system in Ukraine;

• Social rehabilitation and professional adaptation of ATO participants with disabilities in an    

inclusive educational environment;

• Diversity and inclusion.


The papers of the conference can be published in the collection of conference materials and / or in the professional edition «Collection of scientific works of the Khmelnytsky Institute of Social Technologies of the University of «Ukraine,» which is included in the list of scientific professional editions of Ukraine in the field of pedagogical sciences (Decree of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine No. 1604 22.12.2016), registered with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine (Certificate of state registration of the printed media № 15618-4090Р dated August 28, 2009). Some solid research that meets the specified requirements can be printed in a collective monograph.


The Organizing Committee reserves the right to refuse the publication of materials that do not meet the requirements for content and design.


To participate in the conference you need to register until May 10, 2019 following the link  and send to the theses of the report materials and/or the monograph materials and/or scientific article.

Deadline for professional edition publication is 01.04.2019.





  1. The theses should be typed in the word processor of the Microsoft Word and saved in the format * doc or * docx.
  2. The name of the file should correspond to the name and the surname of the conference  

participant in Latin (for example: Petrenko_Kyrylo.doc).

  1. The thesis size: from 3 to 5 pages. Text editor - Microsoft Word, A4 page format (297x210 mm), fields - 20 mm; Headset - Time New Roman, font size - 14, line spacing - 1.5.
  2. References in the text should be in square brackets - [1, p.24], where the source number and page is indicated.
  3. The list of used sources should be included after the main text and should follow the

existing standards of the bibliographic description.

  1. The cost of the theses publication is 30 UAH. per page.



The example of a thesis writing:

Ivanenko Ivana Ivanivna,

Candidate of Economic Sciences,

Associate Professor, Associate Professor of Business and Law

Vinnitsia Institute of the University “Ukraine”




Taxes are one of the main sources of budget in any region … [1, p.450].



  1. Petrov P. P. Tax system of Ukraine / P. P. Petrov // Economy of Ukraine. - 2016. - No. 1. - p.105-129.




Materials in the scope of 8-12 pages (including literature) must contain elements of scientific novelty, have theoretical, methodological or practical value.

Materials must be typed in the Microsoft Word word processor (1997-2003) with the extension * .doc, the font Times New Roman, the page format A4, the field: 2 cm - from all sides. Font text: size (font) - 14; interval - 1,5, paragraph indent - 1,25 cm. The words hyphenation including automatic hyphenation is not allowed! The publication language is Ukrainian and English.


On the first line in the left corner is the UDC code (bold type).

The next line prints the title of the article (centered, uppercase letters).

One line after the name in the right corner is the initials and surname of the author in bold uppercase letters.

One line after is the main text of an article.


Structure of the article:

1. The introduction should include:

- statement of the problem in general;

- connection of work with important scientific or practical tasks;

- an analysis of latest researches and publications in which the solution to this problem was

initiated and on which the author relies.

2. Purpose of the article:

- the formulation of the purpose of the article or the probelm statement;

- the author may also include in the material a description of research techniques, methods, object, subject of research, etc.

3. Research results:

- an outline of the main research material;

- complete justification of the received scientific results.

4. Conclusion:

- results of the research;

- advisable directions for further developments.

The references in the text should be organized in the following way: [3, p.15], where the first digit - the source number from the general literature list, the second - the quoted page. The list of literature to be executed alphabetically in accordance with the state standard. The title "List of used sources" is printed one line after the main text.


An annotatin is attached to the article on a separate sheet of paper in English (1‑1.5 pages).

The cost of publishing of an article in a professional edition is 450 UAH.


Payment for publication - only after receiving notice from the editorial board about the adoption of the article to be published.


Participation in the conference is free of charge.


Information: Ilinich Svitlana, Vinnytsia, Khmelnitsky highway St., 23A, phone: (+380673395170),


Fabulous five for Olena Chynka





Para dance season opens in style on Dutch dance floor

Ukrainian European champion Olena Chynka © • Roman Benicky

By World Para Dance Sport

Five-time European champion Olena Chynka marked her comeback to competition with a staggering five golds at the Para Dance Sport International Competition in Cujik, Netherlands.

The Ukrainian triumphed in the women’s freestyle and standard class 2; and duo standard, freestyle and Latin class 2 alongside Oleksandr Onishchenko.

Ukrainian dominance

Chynka was not the only standout Ukrainian dancer as the European country secured another six golds to finish top of the medal standings.

Multi-world champion Illona Slugovyna was unstoppable as she claimed the duo freestyle and standard class 1 together with Valerii Bevziuk. The 34-year-old also won the women’s standard class 1.

Bevziuk proved to be the perfect partner as he also topped the podium in the combi freestyle class 1 alongside Veronika Pedchenko.

The other two Ukrainian winners were Snizhana Kernychina (women’s freestyle class 1), and Onishchenko and Svitlana Onopa (combi freestyle class 2).

Belarus and Kazakhstan on top

Outstanding performances from Belarusian and Kazakh dancers were also witnessed on Dutch soil.

Belarus’ couples were in top form as Hannah Harchakova and Roman Usmanov (combi standard class 2), Hanna Siratsiuk and Ihar Kuliashou (combi Latin class 1) and Irina Makeichyk and Yauhen Yarmoshka (combi standard class 1) all won their events.

Kazakhstan’s Asian champion Yermek Kalymbetov followed up his win at the Beigang Open in Chinese Taipei last October with two golds in the men’s standard and freestyle class 2 in Cujik.

Kazakh duo of Nargiza Akmetova and Serzh Avanessov added a third gold in the combi Latin class 2.

A total of 85 Para dancers from 15 countries participated.





NGO “Permaculture in Ukraine”


Open International University

of Human Development








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26 of January 2019, Kyiv


The purpose of the conference is an integration of the efforts of scientists, educators, entrepreneurs, industrialists and public figures to discuss and resolve a wide range of environmental problems and the role of urban permaculture in the transition of society to sustainable development.




Forms of participation: 


1. Participant of the conference (listener) - conference fee is 11 EUR or 13 USD.

2. Participation for speakers is free of charge.


Paper certificate of the participation (on request) – 0.5 EUR 


Official language is English and Ukrainian


The conference fee includes participation in two events: a scientific conference (both in-person and online (video conference) participation for presenters and participants is possible) and in the IV Ukrainian Permaculture Convergence.


To participate in the conference, please, fill in the registration form until 20 of December. Payment details and the conference updates will be emailed after registration.


Both academic and non-academic researchers (not only presenters) can publish their abstracts or reports in the conference proceedings (that will be published under an ISBN reference). Electronic version of the proceedings will be available for free. Please, send the the materials (see formatting requirements below) and a copy of the receipt of payment not later than by 10 of January, 2019 to the organizing committee electronically on e-mail


As we offer free participation for the Ukrainian internally displaced persons, military servants, and low-income citizens, we welcome your donations.




Document: .doc or .rtf; А4, 2 cm margins; single-spaced.

Paper Title: Provide a short descriptive title of no more than 20 words.

Format: Times New Roman, 14 point font, bold, centered.  Leave one line space.

Authors' Names: Include first name in full, middle initial and family name in full. Do not include any titles or degrees.

Format: Times New Roman, 12 point font, bold, centered.

Authors' Affiliations: position, degree, academic rank, institution name, city, country, e-mail address. When more than one author is listed, use superscript letters to match authors and affiliations. One affiliation should be given per line, prefixed with the relevant superscript letter.

Format: Times New Roman, 12 point font, centered. Leave one line space

Abstract: no more than one page in length. Report - no more than three page in length. Summarize what your presentation will be about. 1-2 illustrations are possible. Please, use the following sections at the report: Introduction, Materials and Methods, Discussion, Colclusions, Asknowledgements. The numbering of tables should be appropriate. The number should be on the right (e.g. Table 1) and followed by the name, all of which should be placed above the table with center alignment and in bold text. Illustrations, such as figures and formulas, should also be numbered and named (e.g. Fig. 2. Title), but they should have their names under the illustration. They should have a center alignment and be in bold text. Figures made in MS Word need grouping and should be the only graphic objects.

Format: Times New Roman, 14 point font, justified on both sides.  Text in tables and figures should be in Times New Roman, size 12, although, in exceptional cases, the font size can be smaller.

        References. Please, use Harvard style of referencing.




Sample abstract:




Oksana Ivanenko1 , Olga Panchenko2

1Ph.D., associate professor, assistant professor of ecology University "Ukraine", Kyiv, Ukraine (

2 graduate student, NGO “Permaculture in Ukraine”, Lviv, Ukraine,  (


        Permaculture (permanent culture + permanent agriculture) is the approach to problem solving, aimed at finding mutually beneficial solutions; design of the plots and social systems based on the principles of sustainable development, adopted from nature and wisdom of traditional cultures.


Open International University of Human Development «Ukraina»



with participation and support of

The Verkhovna Rada Сommittee of Ukraine

for veterans, combatants, members of anti-terrorist operations

and for people with disabilities 

Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine 

Kyiv City State Administration

Institution of Special Pedagogy NAPS of Ukraine

Fund Social Support for People with Disabilities  

National Assembly of People with Disabilities of Ukraine 

Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Ukraine

 Ukrainian Marketing Association  

Ukrainian Youth NGO of Students with Disabilities «Gaudeamus»                             

Charity Fund «Dobrobut XXI Stolittya»


ХVIІ International scientific-practical conference 



November 22, 2017, Kyiv

The purpose of the conference – the integration of the efforts of scientists, educators, entrepreneurs, industrialists and public figures to discuss and solve a wide range of problems of training and education of people in an integrated educational environment.

The conference is planned to be held in the following sections:

1. Educational and social inclusion of people with disabilities: an interdisciplinary approach.

2. Psychological and pedagogical bases of professional formation and self-realization of youth in the inclusive educational environment.

3. Medical, physical and sport rehabilitation of people with disabilities.

4. Actual problems of employment of people with disabilities.

5. Legal and organizational principles for the formation and development of an inclusive educational environment.

6. Innovative technologies of special diet food products.

7. Information and communication technologies of inclusive education.

8. Scientific directions of design of barrier-free architectural environment.



Possible forms of participation:

1. Participant of the conference - listener (certificate of the participant) - organizational fee 50 UAH.

2. Report at the plenary or section meeting (certificate, program of the conference, publication of abstract of the report) - organizational fee 150 UAH.

3. Holding a master class, training - free of charge.

4. Publication of article in the professional edition "Collection of scientific works of the Khmelnytsky Institute of Social Technologies of the University of Ukraine ", with the article included in the list of professional publications on pedagogical sciences (Order of the Ministry of Education and Science № 1604 dated 22.12.2016, the cost - 35 UAH per 1 page).

5.Publication in a collective monograph (details - below, the cost - 50 UAH per 1 page).


To participate in the conference, please fill in the order online by November 1, 2017, then select the participation form and submit the required informational materials in accordance with the established terms:

1. Abstract and a scaned copy of the receipt for payment of the organizational fee - through October 19, 2017, to the email 

2. Materials for publication in a professional edition and / or multi-authored monograph – through and including November 22, 2017,  to the email (in the letter you should indicate what publication is expected – monograph or professional publication).

For students and employees of the University «Ukraine», as well as for persons with disabilities, participation in the conference is free of charge, only printed copy of the copyright (if it is ordered) is to be paid.

The decision about the free publication for Doctors of Sciences and foreign participants remains by the editorial board.



Abstracts should be submitted in separate files in electronic format.

The text should be in Word editor; the length of the abstract should be not more than 3 pages, including annotations in English for 5-7 sentences; sheet format A4; font Times New Roman; size 14; line spacing of 1.5; paragraph indent 0.7; fields: left 2,5 cm, right 1 cm, upper and lower 2 cm; alignment justified. In the first line: the title of the report (centered in upper case letters), below - the name of the authors, position, scientific degree, academic rank, institution name, e-mail address. References to the literature (if any) in square brackets. References are printed on a new line, font 13.

Note! Do not allow extra spaces when formatting text! Non-legible form: file name, author's last name in English letters (up to 8 characters), * .doc or * .rtf. The cost of publishing abstracts is included in the organization fee.

Requisites for payment of the organizational fee:

Recipient –University «Ukraine», code 30373644, operating account №26008212382 in Raiffeisen Bank Aval, MFO 380805,

Purpose of payment (for individuals and legal entities) - charitable contribution from (indicate your last, first and middle names, or the name of the legal entity) without VAT.


An example of appearance of abstracts:


Petrenko Ivanna Ivanovna

Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor, Associate Professor, Department of Business and Law 

Vinnitsa Institute of the University of Ukraine

Taxes are one of the main sources of budget filling in any region [1, p. 450].


  1. Petrov P.P. The tax system of Ukraine / P. P. Petrov // Economy of Ukraine. - 2016. No. 1. - p.105-129.



Materials with 8-12 pages (including bibliography) should contain elements of scientific novelty, have a theoretical, methodological or practical value.

Materials should be typed in text editor Word (1997-2003)*.doc, typeface - Times New Roman, page format A4, margins: 2 cm on all sides. Font: size – 14; interval – 1.5, indent – 1.25 cm. Wordwrap is not allowed! Language of publication – Ukrainian and English.

On the first line in the left corner – UDC (in bold).

The next line – the title of the article (centered, bold type, capital letters).

After one line after the title in the right corner – the initials and surname of the author (capital bold letters).

After one line – the main text of the article.

The structure of the article:

1. The introduction should contain:

- the problem statement in general terms;

- the relation work has with important scientific or practical tasks;

- the analysis of recent researches and publications which initiated solving this problem and relied upon by the author.

2. The purpose of the article:

- the statement of purpose of the article or formulation of the task;

- author can also include description of the research techniques, methods, object, research subject, in the material.

3. The results of the research:

- presentation of the main material of the research;

- full justification of scientific results.

4. Conclusions:

- the conclusions of the research;

- advantageous further developments.

References in the text are to be drawn on the model: [3, p. 15], where the first figure is the number of the source in the general bibliography, the second – cited page. Bibliography is to be arranged in alphabetical order in compliance with the state standard. The title "References" is printed after one line after the main text.

There should be an annotation attached to the article, it should be on a separate sheet in Ukrainian, Russian and English, (six lines for annotation in Russian and Ukrainian; 1-1,5 pages for annotation in English).

The cost of publication of articles in special edition is 35 UAH for 1 page.


The payment for the publication is to be made only after receiving notification from the editorial board that the article is accepted for publication. 



Materials of more than 10 pages (including bibliography) should contain the elements of scientific novelty, and should have a theoretical, methodological or practical value.

The references (10-15 sources) in brackets are obligatory. Bibliographical description is to be made according to the updated requirements of State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles No. 63 from 26.01.2008. Footnotes are not allowed!

For young scientists (graduate students, candidates for scientific degree of Candidate of Sciences) the review of the doctor of science is obligatory.

The monograph is performed in accordance with the research theme with the state registration (0114U001028 "Methodology of inclusive education of persons with disabilities in higher educational institutions"). The monograph is published under the scientific and editorial support of foreign co-organizers. The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) and the LBC index are assigned to the monograph.

The drawing up of a text part, illustrations and schedules has to conform to the standard requirements of execution of scientific publications.

The information should be typed in a text editor Microsoft Word (1997-2003) with the extension *.doc, font – Times New Roman, page size А5, page fields – 2 cm – on all sides. The type font: size (point size) – 12; interval – 1,0, paragraph indention – 0,75 см. Hyphenation including automatic is not allowed!

Graphic material should be carried out in programs, available for further editing. For illustrations and schedules is used the font Times New Roman, 10 point size, the interval between lines – 1, black-and-white palette.

Mathematical formulas are carried out in the editor of formulas and have to be numbered.

Subsection material in the monograph has to be structured thus: statement of a problem, analysis of the last researches and publications, statement of a task, narration of the main material, conclusions.

The cost of one page of publication in the monograph (including mailing) is 50 UAH. One copy of the monograph goes to each article irrespective of the number of coauthors. The cost of an additional copy is 120 UAH (including mailing).

Payment for the publication is effected only after obtaining the notice from editorial board of acceptance of materials for printing.


Example of execution of a part of the collective monograph: 

Petrenko Ivanna Ivanivna,

Ph.D. in Economics, senior lecturer, assistant professor of business and law chair,

of the Institute of University "Ukraine" in Vinnytsia



Taxes are one of the main sources of filling the budget of any region [1, p.450].

List of references:

1. Petrov P. P. The tax system of Ukraine / P. P. Petrov // Ukraine's Economy. – 2016. – № 1. – P.105-129.

Address Of The Organizing Committee: 23, Lvivska Str., IІ campus building, c.101-а, Kyiv, 03115



(063) 065-56-59

(067) 328-28-21

Omelchenko Olena

Nikulina Hanna




Net Agent Workshop 



May, 13, 2017


Great people. Efficient meetings. Productive atmosphere. The best Nepali student recruitment agencies are together under one roof! Thanks New Educational Trend for organization the NET AGENT WORKSHOP Kathmandu-2017!


Denis Minakof 

International and Interdisciplinary Spring School 





International and Interdisciplinary Spring School for young researchers: Urban Activism and Participatory Urban Planning in Central and Eastern Europe.

In a frame of TRIPAR research project aimed at developing participatory mechanisms and effective urban planning, Ukraine researchers society invites young scientists to Spring school in Vinnitsa city (Ukraine). Program of the school includes a series of lectures, workshops, and training on issues of urban planning.



Hanna Davidenko,

Director of Vinnitsya Institute of University ‘Ukraine’ 


Signing of Memorandum between University 'Ukraine' and Fort Hays State University (USA)



Former Minister of Education of Turkey Necdet Tekin about cooperation with University 'Ukraine'


 Open International University of Human Development 'Ukraina'


with participation and support of

The Verkhovna Rada Сommittee of Ukraine for veterans, combatants, members of anti-terrorist operations and for people with disabilities 

Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine 

Kyiv City State Administration

Institution of Special Pedagogy APS of Ukraine

Fund of Social Support to People with Disabilities

'National Assembly of People with Disability of Ukraine'

Fund of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Ukraine

Ukrainian Youth NGO of Students with Disability 'Gaudeamus'

Charity Fund 'Dobrobut XXI Stolittya'





"Current problems of training and educating people in an integrated educational environment in light of the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities" 

November 23-24, 2016, Kyiv


The purpose of the conference - the integration of the efforts of scientists, educators, entrepreneurs, industrialists and public figures to discuss and resolve a wide range of problems of training and education of people in an integrated learning environment. 


The conference expected to be held in the following sections: 


1. Education and Social Inclusion of People with Disabilities: a multidisciplinary approach.

2. Psycho-pedagogical foundations of professional development and self-realization of young people in inclusive educational environment.

3. Medical, physical and sports rehabilitation for people with disabilities.

4. Current problems of employment of people with disabilities.

5. Legal and organizational bases of formation and development of an inclusive educational environment.

6. Innovative technologies dietary foods for special purposes.

7. ICT in inclusive education.

8. Scientific directions design architectural barrier-free environment.


Participation in the conference

By October 17, 2016, please send an email to two files: abstract accordance with 3 p.) And an application to participate in the conference.

By October 31, 2016, please send a copy of the transfer receipt charitable contribution of 450 USD. address:


Requisites for transfer donation: recipient - University "Ukraine", a/c number 26002000027356 to  PAT "Ukrsotsbank" Kyiv,  MFO 300023, code 30373644; Purpose of payment (for individuals and legal entities) - charitable contribution (to include your name or the name of a legal entity), excluding VAT.



Abstracts and zavku submit separate files in electronic format.

Text editor WORD; no more than 3 pages, including abstracts in English 5-7 sentences; format A4; font Times New Roman; size 14; 1.5 line spacing; indention 0.7; Field: left 2.5 cm, 1 cm right, top and bottom 2 cm; alignment - on width. The first line: the report title (centered in capital letters), below - name authors, affiliations, position, scientific icy, title, email address. References (if any) - in brackets. References printed on a new line, size 13. Important Avoid extra spaces when formatting text! Electronic format: file name, author name Ukrainian letters (up to 8 characters), * .doc or * .rtf ..Requirements for registration of abstracts


Scientific work volume supposed to be published before the conference!



Surname, first name

Specify completely! 

The name of the organization

Specify completely!

The address of the organization


The position

Specify completely!

Academic degree, academic rank

Specify completely!






Mailing address

Specify completely!


Specify completely!


Specify completely!

I plan to:

Select the most important!


Make a report

Participate as a listener

Publish abstracts

The necessary technical means

Specify completely!

Date of arrival




Need for settlement (underline)

Hotel (single, double rooms)

• do not need to































Organizing Committee Address:

st. Lviv, 23, I Corps, k. 306, Kyiv, 03115


+38 (044) 422-50-40, +380 673 282 821 Anna Nikulina,

+38 (044) 409-27-63 Natalia Polishchuk




About participation of Amateur Theatre "Danko" of University "Ukraine" in Festival in

Mogilov (Bilorus)

November, 17, 2016


The Euro-Atlantic Youth Security Forum



November, 3, 2016 


Today I had a wonderful opportunity to welcome guests and participants at the Opening of Euro-Atlantic Youth Security Forum.

The topic of Euro-Atlantic Security and multiple topics related to it are very important nowadays, especially for Ukraine.

Today we form a new generation of Ukrainians that on the one hand are proud of the history and culture and ready to protect their Motherland, and on the other hand, are ready to cooperate and establish good cultural and economic connections with the European colleagues that respect our right on sovereignty and originality.


Practice makes perfect



October, 26, 2016


Yesterday it was a great event for students of Poltava Institute of Economics and Law. New experience, new knowledge and new emotions were presented by a prominent CELTA teacher, permanent OSCE observer and a person who speaks many languages Anthony Robinson. Mr. Robinson spoke about new words in English language from different spheres of life and industries. Students were very interested asking questions and interacting with the teacher.


It is always a valuable experience to work with such highly professional people, getting to know about new cultures and language phenomena especially for students-philologists. We are very grateful to Anthony Robinson and looking forward to meeting in the nearest future.


ŠU - Ugdymo mokslų ir socialinės gerovės f-tetas




Dėstytoja ir studentai iš Ukrainos Šiaulių universitete vykdo akademinį mobilumą.


Šiaulių universitetas kartu su Kijeve įsikūrusiu Atviru tarptautiniu žmogiškosios raidos universitetu „Ukraina“ (angl. Open International University of Human Development „Ukraine“) trečius metus iš eilės sėkmingai įgyvendina II pakopos jungtinę studijų programą Socialinis darbas, parengtą įgyvendinant Europos socialinio fondo agentūros remiamą projektą (vad. dr. A. Valaikienė).


Proposal for Students

Travelbird Scholarship Programme

The winner of this scholarship will receive a monetary award of €3,000 to go towards their studies or work placement. They will also qualify for an internship position for 3 to 6 months at the Travelbird Headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands. This internship will give the student an opportunity to work for an international startup and gain useful and relevant work experience within the industry. This is open to all current students, 18 years old or over. The Travelbird Scholarship welcomes all nationalities but only entries in the following languages will be accepted: English, German, Dutch, French, Swedish, Danish, Finnish and Norwegian.


Application deadline is May 31st 2016 23:59 (CET)


More information about the scholarship and how to apply can be found here in English or in French.



A Memorandum Of Understanding Signed Between Sulaimani Polytechnic University And The Ukrainian University 




Mr.Bakhtiar Obed, Director of Academic Relations in the SPU stated, in the presence of vice president for scientific affairs and students affairs as well as Dean of Technical College of Administration, Dr.Alan F. Ali, President of the SPU received the representative of Open International University of Human Development (Ukrainian University) on Thursday 29-10-2015.

Both Dr.Alan and Dr.AbdulwahabDarwesh representative of the Ukrainian University discussed the scientific and academic fields for both universities, and accordingly they have signed the MOU and decided to let representatives from both sides to visit the Universities.










Messengers of peace



22th of October 2014 representatives of the National Organization of Scouts of Ukraine participated in a seminar for representatives and active leaders of colleges and universities about social service. We told them about the initiative "Messengers of peace" and invited them to join the initiative.



PROGRAMME of the meeting

of the President of University “UKRAINE” Mr. Petro М. Talanchuk with

the Principal of KANGNAM University of the Republic of Korea Mr. DBA. Shinil Yoon 


Meeting date: 9 December 2013 

Meeting place: University “Ukraine”

Meeting purpose: Cooperation between University “Ukraine” and Kangnam University

Topic: Development of Korean studies at University "Ukraine" and development of Ukrainian Studies at University Kangnam.



of Meeting of President of the University "Ukraine" Academician Petro Talanchuk

with Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan in Ukraine Mr. Toichi Sakata


Date of Meeting: 27 November 2013

Place of a meeting: University "Ukraine".

Objectives of the meeting: collaboration between the University "Ukraine" and the Embassy of Japan in Ukraine.

Subject: Development of Japanese studies at the University "Ukraine" and the cooperation with universities of Japan.



Ukrainian Designers Support Paralympic Team


May, 14, 2013


Ukrainian team participating in Azerbaijan International Festival is heading to Baku. “Support to Sportsmen-Invalids” organization under the aegis of Azerbaijan Paralympic Committee has invited Ukrainian dancers with handicaps to take part in a flash mob and in the International Festival held at 7pm on May 19 in Baku. The organizers have invited wheelchair dancers from more than 10 countries of CIS and Europe for a dancing flash mob.

Ukrainian Fashion Week and Ukrainian designers have made their contribution to support Ukrainian paralympic team.

Designer Anna Bublik has accorded costumes for ceremonial events. Viktor Anisimov and Olena Golets have developed fashion dress code for Ukrainian dancers. Ruta company has provided Ukrainian participants with the national costumes. In other words, we have all the reasons to mention that our dancers will be not only the most high-ranked, but the most fashionable as well.

Fashion is never asocial and Ukrainian fashionistas and fashion community gladly support the key mission of the event. This event itself is a unique chance to demonstrate to everyone the role and the meaning of sport dances on wheelchairs, to demonstrate the strength of the spirit and willpower of handicapped people, as well as to establish strong international contacts.

Ukraine will be presented by: Ilona Slugovina (three-times Wheelchair Dance World Champion) and Mykhaylo Annenkov (Wheelchair Dance Sport Ukrainian Champion, Candidate Master of Sports of international level), as well as Ivan Zamiga (three-times Champion of Ukraine and World Cup holder) and Olena Dankevych (Master of Sports of international level, World and Europe Champion, three-times Champion of Ukraine).

The project is also supported by Ukraine International Airlines.







The participants of the project "Towards a Dream" provided by the "Kiev Municipal League of Public Organizations of People with Disabilities" took part in an amazing camp for people with disabilities "Eurocontact-2013", which took place in the picturesque German town Nordwalde.

For about 30 years, the "special" young people from all over Europe come here to learn some important things: how to overcome the physical limitations and the language barrier, how to become more independent, how to write and act a funny play in a few hours, how to mix Menthos and Coca-Cola and stay dry... :)


Cooperation agreement between Rome Business School and University ‘Ukraine’


In January 2013 Rome Business School has signed an agreement of mutual academic students exchange and joint research work with Open International University of Human Development ‘Ukraine’ (University ‘Ukraine’), the first inclusive University in Ukraine.


Visit of Rome Business School to University “Ukraine”


From 4 to 7 March 2013 representatives of Rome Business School visited University “Ukraine” for educational cooperation. During the visit, PA Olexander S. Krivonosov gave a tour about the university campus. 

Visit of the education leaders of Republic of Tajikistan to University “Ukraine”


February 28, 2013, at the request of Open Society Foundation – Tajikistan and Ukrainian Step by Step Foundation management staff there was a visit of the education leaders of Republic of Tajikistan to University “Ukraine”.



Prof. Karel Havlíček, PhD, Dean of Faculty of Economic Studies of the University of Finance and Administration (VSFS, Prague, Czech Republic) visited University ‘Ukraina’ (UU) on 1st June, 2012.










The delegation of the University of Applied Sciences of Upper Austria attended University ‘Ukraina’ (UU) with working visit on the 16-19 May, 2012.











12-th International Scientific-Practical Conference


Actual Problems of

Education and Upbringing of People

in the Integrated Educational  Environment


Wednesday 21-rd November – Friday 23-th November, 2012

Kyiv, Ukraine


Conference is aimed to :

  • integrate the efforts of scientists, educators, organisations, public leaders  and employers in order to seek to explore the new developments and changes of the idea of pluralism and their implications for social processes of inclusion and citizenship in contemporary societies;
  •  discuss and solve a wide range of challenges  in the area of educating and upbringing people in the  inclusive educational environment.






Fashion Show Shines Spotlight on Disabled


July 26, 2012


Models show off sleek evening gowns and glamorous hats as Ukraine’s celebrities.

Models with physical disabilities prepare to take part in a“Fashion week chance” show in Kiev July 25, 2012. Ukrainian


Kiev: At a glitzy Kiev night club brimming with neon lights and energetic pop music, the models showed off sleek evening gowns and glamorous hats as Ukraine’s celebrities cheered on. But this was no ordinary fashion show — some models rolled on wheelchairs, others were blind.

At the Wednesday night event dubbed Fashion Chance a dozen designers mostly from Ukraine presented outfits for physically handicapped women, in a bid to bring attention and dignity to some of Ukraine’s most marginalised citizens. In a country where most buildings lack wheelchair ramps and only a very few public schools accept disabled children, the show was a small but vivid step toward removing the stigma that cloaks Ukraine’s disabled. “People on wheelchairs, the blind, the handicapped should all feel accepted,” said 26-year-old Ilona Slugovina, an avid wheelchair ballroom dancer, who modeled a lilac-colored glittery evening dress.

Some models moved confidently down the runway — on wheel chairs, or accompanied by handsome young men in elegant suits — flashing smiles and some attempting to mimic the traditional model gait. One blind model coquettishly held her hand on her hip and played with a lock of hair. Others appeared nervous.

Moved by the show, some in the audience cried.

“I felt beautiful, I felt confident,” said Antonina Krivobok, who masterfully rolled and turned around in a wheelchair and posed in front of TV cameras as she presented a purple evening dress.

Beginning and already established designers presented elegant dresses and suits for women on wheelchairs or with other handicaps. Some of the outfits differed little from what ambulatory women would wear, others were cut in a more voluminous fashion to accommodate the needs of the wheelchair-bound.

But it wasn’t just about clothes.

Yulia Kozluk, 28, who runs a fund that trains and then finds computer jobs for those on wheelchairs like herself, said she hoped such projects would help Ukrainian society grow up and accept those who are different.

“When I roll in my wheelchair, people stare me like I am an alien and it wounds,” said Kozluk, who became paralysed at age 23 after a car accident. “But I am not an alien, I am a regular person.”

Ukraine’s physically handicapped people are barely visible to the country at large, confined to their homes in the absence of ramps, elevators and specially equipped buses and mostly shunned by society in a grim legacy of the Soviet era.

Children with disabilities are usually hidden away in specialized schools or orphanages, where they are deprived of a chance to interact with other children and society as a whole does not learn to co-exist, accept and help those with disabilities. Only a handful of public schools accept disabled children, because building entrances, canteens and toilets are not equipped with ramps, teachers lack the necessary training and other students and often their parents often object to having such classmates.

In Kiev, home to tens of thousands of disabled children of school age, only about 10 schools provide inclusive education, according to Larisa Baida, an education activist with Ukraine’s National Assembly for Disabled.

“It’s sad,” said Baida. “It’s a constant struggle, every day they fight for their life.”

Universities also offer very few chances for the handicapped, lacking audio books for hearing-impaired and computers for the blind. Since gaining independence from the Soviet Union over 20 years ago, not a single book in the tactile writing system called Braille has been published for the visually impaired, according to the Assembly.

Finding a job is also a major problem, with about only 25 percent of the country’s disabled employed, mostly at low-skilled and low-paid jobs, according to the United Nations Development program.

“When we look at a disabled person, we are not ready to see a person in them” who wants to study, work and eat at restaurants, said Natalia Skripka, Assembly’s director. “While we should first be seeing a person and only then notice their peculiarities - are they tall or short, do they have blond or dark hair, do they have disabilities or not.”


Image Credit: Reuters 

The Opening Ceremony of Ukraine-Korea Information Access Center


The Opening Ceremony of Ukraine-Korea Information Access Center (IAC) was held at the Open International University of Human Development “Ukraine” on 2nd March, 2012.


Information Access Center (IAC) is a multi-functional center, which includes IT training laboratories, a seminar room, an Internet lounge and an administrative office. IAC is highly-equipped by contemporary technologies. This center can be used not only by students and faculty of University “Ukraine” but residents from the whole city of Kyiv to reduce the global digital divide. One of the IAC objectives is strengthening cooperation between two parties, particularly in the fields of information and communication technologies.


The three IT – specialists from the university have been trained to provide a technical maintenance of IAC in Seoul.


National Information Society Agency of the Republic of Korea (NIA) has initiated an establishing of 28 centers all over the world. IAC, established at the University, became the 29th in the world and only the 1st in Ukraine. The center became the next step to the mutual cooperation and friendly relations between Ukraine and Korea.


Chang Kwang Soo, Deputy Minister of Public Administration and Security Republic of Korea, Kim Eun Joong, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Ukraine visited the Opening Ceremony.


In addition to promote computer competence, IAC aims to exchange experience between the countries. This collaboration promises to grow into a multi-vectoral and mutual beneficial cooperation. Korea is an example of economic miracle, which is so desirable to Ukraine.


The Ceremony was not only multinational but multilingual. Korean, English, Ukrainian, Russian languages were used. Oleg Bilorus, Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs addressed to the audience in English and promised to speak Korean next time. A well-known Ukrainian political analyst Valery Bebyk proposed to hold an Olympiada of Korean language for children and students.


The Korean language course has been organized by the Korean Association (President Mrs. Kang Sam Yi) in Kyiv that is hosted by UU. It is one more important step to mutual understanding and cooperation.


Korean guests appreciated hospitality of Ukrainian side. They admitted that the cooperation will promote the development of existing friendly relations between two countries and both peoples.

Meeting with American Scholar in the University ‘Ukraine’


The meeting with Zbignev Bochniarz,  visiting Professor of the University of Washington, affiliated Professor of the Microeconomy of Competitiveness (MOC) at Harvard Business School draw a great attention of ‘Ukraina’ University administration, faculty and students on the 23-rd of March, 2012.

Dr., Pr. Zbignev Bochniarz is known as an international scholar who works on collaborative and interdisciplinary research focused on the transformation process in Central and European Europe.

Oksana Kolyada & Svitlana Shmelova, the affiliate faculty of MOC at HBS, also took part at the meeting and discussion with the experts.


IAUP Regional Conference in Batumi 


Over 50 representatives from over 30 universities around the world were hosted by Caucasus University in Batumi (Republic of Georgia) for the International Association of University Presidents (IAUP Regional Conference on 25-27th of February, 2012. The meeting in Batumi was the kick-off meeting for IAUP Europe. (

University Presidents and Rectors from Caucasus region, Europe, United States, Africa and the Middle East were present to discuss urgent issues of higher education and the IAUP activities, share their experience and possibilities for networking and development of international collaboration among institutions.

The Participants of the Conference were greeted by Mr. Nodar Surguladze, the Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Georgia. Other governmental members of the Republic attended the prominent event.

Ms. Eka Tkeshelashvili, Vice Prime Minister and State Minister for Reintegration of Georgia, delivered the speech on the United Nations Academic Impact Principle 7: “To advance peace and conflict resolution through education.”

The delegation of Open International University of Human Development ‘Ukraina’ headed by Petro M. Talanchuk, its President, participated actively in the Conference events. The new ties with the world’s universities are the result of its work for international strategic cooperation of the University.

Petro M. Talanchuk has joined the IAUP as a full member and became the first Ukrainian University President member of this honorable Association. (The IAUP is an association of university chief executives from higher education institutions around the world. Membership is limited to those individuals who serve as presidents, rectors or vice-chancellors at regionally accredited colleges or universities)


Great thanks to Caucasus University, Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences and University of Finance and Administration in Czech Republic for the well-organized Conference.


“Preparation of the Projects for University International Cooperation and Fundraising Searching for University International Programmes”


Workshop was held at Open International University of Human Development "Ukraine" on the 6-8th of December, 2011.


The aim of the training is to improve the skills of lecturers and colleagues of the Open International University of Human Development "Ukraine" with international funds and increase their awareness of writing projects for grants proposals, the development of university programs and projects in international cooperation, implementation of the Bologna Declaration principles at the University, creation of a basis for mobility of lecturers and students and additional funding for studying and scientific-research activities.


The training program include mini-lectures, group work, interactive presentations, discussions, practical sessions, presentations of the participants’ projects.


Training seminar was conducted by Svitlana Albertivna Shmelova – PhD of Economics Sciences, lecturer, trainer, expert consultant on university management and fundraising, advisor for rectors of leading Ukrainian and foreign universities on the international integration. She is the author of over 80 publications in Ukraine and abroad. She is reading "International Management", "International Marketing", "Leadership", "Management of Changes", “Personnel Management in International Organizations", "International Business Communication, Business Ethics and Social Corporate Responsibility", "Organizational Behavior" courses for Master and MBA programs.


She has 30-years experience of research activity in the Academy of Sciences of the USSR and independent Ukraine, the last 15 years she has been engaged in teaching. Since 2001 she has been the representative of Ukraine in the Council of the International Alliance of Universities for Democracy (AUDEM).

She is awarded of MES honorary diplomas for the development of management in international university cooperation and for teaching marketing in Ukraine, a medal named after Petro Mogyla.


According to the rating of “Focus” Magazine in March 2010 she was included to the top 10 best lecturers of the country.


The Workshop was attended by the representatives of the six institutes (Institute of Economics and Management, Institute of Social Technology, Institute of Law and Social Relations, Engineering and Technology Institute, Institute of Computer Technology), “Image Center” and Open Higher School for Political Leader of the University “Ukraine”.


Unfortunately, the Institute of Philology and Mass Communication did not participate in the seminar, and the representatives from the Department of Biomedical Technologies were present only on the introduction day of the Workshop.


Affiliates of the University were represented by the Carpathian Institute of Enterprise (Houst), Kirovograd Institute of Human Development; the Vasylkivsky College.


All Workshop participants had done their assignments successfully and prepared very rich in content projects with international fundraising.

1) Professional development – receiving a personal grant – scholarships, awards: Sergiy Demydiuk: "Eliminating the Conflict of Interests in the Educational Field";

2) Development of new courses, creating a new specialty:

Kristina Horvath "Legal Clinic" Promin (Ray)"; Diana Bruskova "Creating a Chemical Laboratory";

3) Development of the University Media Centers: Nina Golovchenko, Larisa Sovenko: «Information + Creativity + Communication = Freedom or "No! "Ghetto for the Disabled People!";

4) Conducting conferences, seminars, round tables and trainings: Inna Dovbius: "The Development of the Local Authority".

The Delegation of People’s Republic of China in "Ukraine" University


On the 19th of October, 2011 the President of the "Ukraine" University Petro M. Talanchuk greeted the delegation of People’s Republic of China headed by the Vice-President of Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries Mr. Li Jianpin. The delegation included the representatives of Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries and Beijing City University. The visit began on the Znannya Square (Knowledge Square), where guests acquainted with the history of the "Ukraine" University and the prospects of development of the university within the excursion around the university. During the meeting with members of the university administration the issues of cooperation and the possibilities of signing the Agreement between the "Ukraine" University, Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries and the Beijing City University have being discussed.




‘Ukraina’ University declares the Agreement to cooperate with Šiauliai University in preparation of  Feasibility Study for Second Cycle Joint Study Programme in Social Sciences. Implementation of the project initiated by Šiauliai University: “Preparation of Feasibility Study in Social Sciences for potential opportunities creating and implementing Second Cycle Joint Study Programme in cooperation with ‘Ukraina’ University, will be financed by the European Union Structural funds 2007-2013 period according to Priority 2 “Life-long Learning” VP1-2.2-ŠMM-07-K measure “Enhancing of the quality of studies, strengthening of internationality” of the Operational Programme for the Development of Human Resources for 2007-2013.

The Beginning of  the Multi -Vectoral Cooperation


On  September 2, 2011 Dr. John Jong Su, Executive Director of the National Information Agency of the Republic of  Korea and Dr. Peter Talanchuk, President of University ‘Ukraina’ signed the  Memorandum of Understanding on the foundation  of the Information Access Centre (IAC) in the University.

The Information Access Center (IAC) is a multi-function Facility which consists of an Internet Lounge, an IT Training Lab, a Seminar Room and an Administrative Office to create an opportunity to access information so that the public can benefit from ICT, raise ICT literacy and promote ICT cooperation between Ukraine and the Republic of Korea.

The foundation of the Centre is planned to start its work in December, 2011.