‘Dobrobut XXi Stolittya’ Charity Fund

Charitable Foundation "Dobrobut of the XXI century”

A modern higher educational institution should be a part of science and production improvement, and that leads to creation of new trends, specialities, attraction of highly qualified specialists and creation of an education system for personnel potential of the state.

Education programs fulfillment takes a lot of methodical, teaching, scientific, practical and other materials. Also there is a lack of professional literature, which makes education process impossible.

Charitable Foundation "Dobrobut of the XXI century” was created in order to fulfill education programs for socially unprotected people — disabled, poor, etc. We are sure that society development directly depends on society’s attitude towards its unprotected representatives. That is why activity of Charitable Foundation "Dobrobut of the XXI century” is oriented towards further development of Ukrainian society.

                      Head of Charitable Foundation "Dobrobut of the XXI century”,

                            President of University "Ukraine” – PETRO TALANCHUK


Abstract from the statute

І. General Provisions

1.1. Charitable organization "Charitable Foundation "Dobrobut of the XXI century” (further – the Fund) is a local Charitable organization, created according to the Law of Ukraine "About charity and charitable organizations” and current legislation of Ukraine.

1.2. The Fund is a charitable organization with local status, the main goal of which is to carry out charity activity for the whole society as well as specific categories.

1.3. The Fund is carrying out its activity in Kiev and Kiev region.

1.5.  In its activity the Fund follows the Constitution of Ukraine, Law of Ukraine "About charity and charitable organizations”, current legislation of Ukraine and also this Statute.

1.6. The Fund is a non-profit organization and doesn’t carry out any commercial or any other activity in order to gain profit.

1.11. Full name of the Fund:

        in Ukrainian – Charitable organization "Charitable Foundation

        "DOBROBUT of the XXI  century”.

       Short name of the Fund: - Fund "Dobrobut of the XXI century”.

1.12. Management and other authorities of the Fund are located:

        Ukraine, 04071 Kiev, Horiva str., 1-G.


2.1. The main tasks of the fund are:

assistance in practical fulfillment of programs aimed on economic situation improvement within education field;

assistance in development of non-governmental education;

assistance in development of scientific research and implementation of their results;

development of charity programs, aimed at specific population categories, besides – to gifted children, children from poor families, children with disabilities;

provision of charity help (financial, organizational, psychological, etc);

improvement of financial situation of the population;

pedagogical science and education, educational programs implemenytation, aids for teachers’, scientists, students, pupils;

assistance in development of culture, implementation of national and culture programs;

helping talented and creative youth;

protection and preservation of cultural heritage, historical and cultural environment, historical and cultural sites, burial sites;

assistance in development of physical culture, sport and tourism, healthy way of life popularization;

assistance in development of health protection system, including mother and child issues, medical help for poor;

assistance in social care after ill, disabled, lonely elderly persons and other people, who need social support and care due to their financial or other problems;

assistance in development of publishing and printing, mass-media, informational infrastructure;

assistance in information and specialist exchange with appropriate foreign organisations;

assistance in development of nature reserve fund and environmental protection;

assistance in organization and financing education and healthcare for people in need;

assistance in youth and other social movements’ and organizations’ activity.

2.2. In order to achieve its main goal and in accordance with its main tasks the Fund:

  attracts charitable contributions, both finance and property, from native and foreign  physical and juridical persons;

  cooperates with state bodies, civil organisations, enterprises, and organizations of any property type; different charitable conferences роду, seminars, business meetings, cultural events;

  provides charity support:

         one-time financial and other support;

         regular financial and other support;

         financial support of certain targeted programs;

         support on the charity contract base;

         presenting or free lending of property;

         permission to use its name, emblem, symbols;

         education fee payment, including abroad, for people in need;

         personal help, services or results of personal creative activity;

         ull or partial financial support of charity objects;

         ther activities, if not forbidden by law;

  carries out economical activity according to its statute tasks;

  carries out financial activity, using the profit for charity only.


Charitable Foundation "Dobrobut of the XXI century”:


Address: Kyiv, Horiva str, 1-G.

Tel.:       +38-044-422-50-15.


Bank accounts:

Settlement account 26001249266

In KRD of 'Raiffaizen Bank AVAL'

IFD 380805,

Code 25805578.