Acommodations for Students Disabled

Learning support for students with special needs in the integrated educational environment


University ‘Ukraine’ offers an active System of Social Adaptation and Rehabilitation designed to support students’ medical and psychological growth. Centre of Inclusive  Technology of Education also provides career guidance, physical rehabilitation, academic adaptations and accommodations for learning in integrated classes and strives to make the campus more physically accessible to students. 

University provides its students with professional adaptation & rehabilitation and technical, pedagogical, psychological, medical & rehabilitation, physical training and social support. 

Special technical support provides students with adaptive technical means and special learning technologies, helps to compensate their functional limitations and guarantees access to high-quality higher education. At all levels of technical support individual support from tutors is also available for students with special needs. 

The aim of medical and rehabilitation support is to save and improve physical health of students. It includes first aid, consultation and prophylaxis, rehabilitation support. 

Pedagogical support includes optimised presentation of learning materials to disabled students in an appropriate form, implementation of modern pedagogical technologies of learning, provision of educational and methodical materials. 

Psychological support is directed towards psychological features of each student, attempts to save and improve their psychological health, necessary assistance in adapting in an integrated educational environment, personal growth. 

Social support in learning is directed towards socialisation of students with special needs, especially their social and every-day, cultural and labour adaptation, overcoming of social isolation, rise of their social status, their participation in all aspects of social life. 

Physical training assistance encourages students to do physical exercises and go in for sport, take part in various competitions including paraolympics, advocates healthy way of life, helps to improve psychological and physical state of students and their intellectual abilities. 

Professional adaptation and rehabilitation of students involves taking part in students’ educational-scientific-production units, students’ scientific groups; students receive practical training according to their speciality at various enterprises, career-guidance and assistance in job-searching in the Career planning and development centre. 

Equal access to education for students with visual and hearing impairments is put into practice due to adaptive technologies:

  • educational materials, prepared and copied in an appropriate format;
  • use of various multimedia courses in the educational process;
  • various media (a collection of educational materials in an alternative format), including educational and fiction literature, text-books, teaching aids, collections of lectures, reference books, methodical and artwork materials represented in an appropriate for disabled students format;
  • teaching students to use adaptive technical means: computer and peripheral equipment, software, media, etc.;
  • tutor support. 

A Centre of individual work for students with special needs has opened at the University. It provides them with specialised technical, informational and advisory support, besides students:

  • learn how to work with computer and office equipment;
  • get an opportunity to work at special computerised working places (for a lawyer, interpreter, PC operator, information technologies specialist);
  • get acquainted with office and adaptive technical equipment (computer, scanner, printer, xerox, musical centre, special tape-recorder, etc);
  • get access to various media;
  • receive psychological assistance, learn to overcome difficulties arising during the educational process;
  • receive information support. 

Career planning and development Centre was created at the university. It helps students to plan a successful professional career, to acquire necessary skills, to raise their communication and creativity level, and finally to find a job. 

University ‘Ukraine’ believes in a well-rounded education that prepares students academically as well as socially for life. Students can enjoy several social and cultural activities such as clubs, public organizations, and students’ self-government

Every year university holds an International scientific and practical conference 'Actual problems of educating and bringing up people with special needs', All-Ukrainian sport games and Contests of research reports made by students with disabilities, students’ creative festival ‘Syaivo nadiy’; it publishes a collection of scientific reports concerning problems of educating and bringing up students with special needs. 

The university also holds scientific and methodical seminar for curators and instructors ‘Special features of working in integrated groups’. Famous foreign scientists and specialists in the field of working with people with special needs took part in the seminar: professor of Manchester University Peter Mittler (BESO, Great Britain), assistant professor of Illinois University Mary Cony Weishaar and professor of Old-Dominion University Sharon Raver Lampman (Fulbright, USA), Dr. Joahim Klaus, Head of Student support center of Karlsruhe University (Germany), vice-president of Polish Engineering Academy academician Josef Wojnarowsky, rector of Karkonosca College professor Tomasc Winnicki (Poland), master of Winnipeg university Andre Silva (Canada), USA Peace Corps volunteer Jonathan Pernik, who helped to organize Career Development Center. There is also exchange of methodical materials and scientific publications.