Areas of Activity

1 Educational activity 

  • higher education
  • postgraduate studies
  • pre-university studies
  • professional technical education
  • extracurricular education
  • self-education
  • general secondary education
  • pre-school education
  • education for people in need of social care  

2 Scientific / Research activity

  • methodology development and creation of distant learning infrastructure
  • applied and fundamental research on development and implementation of new learning technologies
  • research of modern informational, ecological, technological and communicational systems and technologies
  • research in the field of development of physical rehabilitation engineer devices, etc
  • preparation and attestation of experienced scientific and pedagogical staff, etc

3   Methodical and publishing provision of educational activity 

4   Carrying out financial and economic and commercial industrial activity for the University’s development

Main types of the university’s services are providing people with higher education (both full- and part-time) at the basic structure either on contract basis or as a part of Kyiv city state administration program "Turbota” and in regional branches (traditional higher education), by distant learning program; course studies – higher educational institution access courses, other short-term and intensive courses (language, computer, specific disciplinary); also setting up supplementary and service processes – publishing and printing activity, advertising, marketing and social researches, informational and consulting activities, performing economical and servicing functions, search for sponsors. 

The University carries out scientific and research activity, areas of scientific research were defined, and scientific-experimental lab of physical rehabilitation for people with disabilities was created. Co-operation with certain Ukrainian and international establishment and educational institutions, in particular, with Ukrainian state centre of social services for youth and its regional representative office, Kiev "Sputnik", High school of Economy and Management in Ostrovok (Poland), High school of Hoidlberg University and Humbold University (Germany), Peace Corps USA in Ukraine, Lil University (France), the City of Sheffield and Holbern college (Great Britain), Swiss program "Karavan", "International Exchange Programs USA" (MIUSA) and ОРТ "Educational Resources and Technological Training" organisations. During years 2002-2015 many consultants from leading educational institutions of USA (Fulbright Program, Peace Corpse etc) have worked at the University.