Conditions of Entry

A model of entrants' selecting based on principles of equal rights, justice, humanism and attitude to a man as to the greatest value has been developed in university. The main tasks of this model are: 

- detection of the most capable, talented people who can master under the creating of certain conditions the high school curriculum and educational programmes in a speciality chosen by them in integrated groups of university of a classical model; 

- professional orientation of entrants with limited functions of vital activity which would take into account their individual peculiarities, their state of health, possibilities of compensatory development, abilities, inclinations; 

- psychological and pedagogical consultancy of entrants in problems of overcoming the results of injuring feelings, undesirable directions, diffidence, state of anxiety and so on. 

The result of the stage of the forecasting diagnostics is a preliminary professional orientation of the entrant. It is held on the basis of the synthesis of information received during the interview with the entrant and his parents, analysis of medical and educational documents. 

At this stage the pedagogue unobtrusively and tactfully corrects, leads the entrant to the professional search due to his own likings and abilities. Aims and tasks are being determined, hopes and vital plans of a young man are being specified depending on possibilities of health, abilities, talents, directions of future professional activity are proposed to be chosen. 

At the second stage during the professional consultancy the doctor of the selection comittee gives conclusions about professional fitness of the entrant. Taking into account doctor's recommendations the entrant chooses the speciality for which he has no medical contra-indications. The correcting pedagogue helps to dispose oneself to the entrance test, to get over the excitement, the feeling of anxiety, diffidence. 

The third stage is an entrance tests which give a possibility to estimate the intellectual potential and individual characteristics of the entrant, his level of general education grounding. This stage serves as a basis of the competitive selection for the studying. 

Such a model of cooperation facilitates the individual and differentiated approach to every entrant, provides the certainty that not only the youth who wants to study but also has health and creative potential will come to the university.