University "Ukraine” is looking for partners and collaborators in international educational, scientific and business institutions in order to:

participate in collaborative research, scientific and practical projects based on our specialties;

provide informational and consultative services, participate in marketing and sociological surveys, prepare analytical reviews and develop business plans;

create, translate and publish teaching aids & textbooks and other methodical literature. We see a lack of modern Ukrainian literature in the domestic market and consider translating a promising activity. 

Contacts with certain local and international institutions and educational institutions (Ukrainian governmental centre for social services for youth and its branches, Kyiv "Suputnyk”, High school of economics and management (Ostrivetz, Poland), High school of University in Hojdlberg and Humboldt University (Germany), Peace Corps USA in Ukraine, University of Lil (France), Sheffild and Holbern College (Great Britain), Swiss program "Caravan”, "International exchange with USA (MIUSA) organisations, Organisation of Resource Technologies ("Educational resources and technological training”) in particular) were established.

In 2002 with the help of Fulbright Fund and Peace Corps University invited specialists from the main educational institutions of USA. 

Also branches of University "Ukraine” co-operates with several institutions of higher education in many other countries. 

Specialists from our Vinnitsya, Kirovograd, Melitopol, Mycolayiv, Khmelnitskiy and Poltava branches participate in scientific and pedagogical cooperation between our university and the leading higher education and scientific institutions of Russia, Belarus, Poland, Great Britain and China. Our university cooperates with the European Commission office in Ukraine and has signed an association agreement with Karkonosce Collegium (Poland), Plehanov Russian Economic Academy  and other educational institutions. 

Poltava branch concluded an agreement about international co-operation in the field of education and science with Higher economy school in Staleva Volya (Poland) and other 4 universities and colleges of Great Britain and USA. As a result 10 teachers work, 16 students study and 22 people have field practice abroad, 5 persons carry out common projects, 3 foreign lecturers and scientists came to work in Ukraine. 

Zhitomir branch co-works with youth organisation "Euroclub” and European commission in Ukraine, an International conference "Youth in conditions of new social perspective” took place in April with whose help. 

Administration of Hust branch is preparing to exchange scientists and students with the Academy of economics named after O.Larengo (Poland). A co-operation agreement was signed with European co-operatives as for student field practice in France. 

Kirovograd branch co-works with International academy of human problems in aviation and space exploration and Air Force Academy (Moscow). 

Specialists from Utrecht (Netherlands), Kent (Great Britain), Peace Corps (USA) came to visit Kyiv main office on business, specialists from Great Britain (BESO) and USA (Fulbright and Peace Corps project) came to work at the University. Specialists and methodical materials exchange was established with Centre for students with special needs (Karlsruhe University, Germany) and Bauman Centre for hard of hearing and deaf students (Moscow, Russia), common projects are being developed. A co-operation agreement was signed with Higher school of business (Ostrovetz-Sventokshynsky, Poland).