Distance Learning

Beginning from the academic year 2003-2004 a system of distant learning was introduced in 16 regions of Ukraine. It was presented by 16 basic centres, mainly situated in the regional and local centres in all major towns of the regions (we have formed 313 local centres). This way University "Ukraine" was going to become the largest HEI with the widest education system. Such result is guaranteed by humane image, correct positioning at the educational service market, honest correlation of price and quality on university’s products and services, wise social policy co-operation with state structures, ministries and offices, financial organisations, charity funds, public organisations. 

According to approve of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the Academy of Pedagogical Science of Ukraine have developed a distant learning system in Ukraine in the fields of law, finance, accounting, documentation. The first centre of distant learning abroad was created in Pridnistrovian republic of Moldova, where about 300-350 thousands of Ukrainians live.


The branches of ‘Ukraine’ University are located in:

  • Bila Tserkva
  • Brovary
  • Vasylkiv
  • Vinnitsya
  • Horlivka
  • Dubno
  • Zhitomyr
  • Ivano-Frankivsk
  • Kirovograd
  • Lutsk
  • Lviv
  • Melitopol
  • Mykolayiv
  • Nikopol
  • Nova Kahovka
  • Poltava
  • Rivne
  • Ternopil
  • Herson
  • Khmelnitskiy
  • Houst
  • Cherkassy
  • Chernivtsy
  • Chernigiv

January - 2002

‘Ukraine’ Open University: Its prospects in distance education development 

Bohdan Shunevych

Open International University for Human Development ‘Ukraine’ 


The genesis, initiation, and expansion of distance education at the Ukraine Open International University for Human Development, located in Kyiv, will be examined in this case study, starting with a brief look at the positive changes taking place in Ukraine's traditional educational system, as well as recent developments in the country's distance education (DE) system. To help readers understand the University's development from an insider's perspective, societal factors that currently influence its inter- and extra-institutional environment will also be examined. Next, the history, organizational structure, institutional activities, and background of the Ukraine Open International University for Human Development, along with the reasons driving the University's dual mode activities - both traditional and distance education - will be briefly analyzed. Included in this analysis is a summary of the challenges surrounding the application of both traditional and distance education models. 

The author concludes his case study by reflecting upon Ukraine Open International University for Human Development's experiences within the context of its being both a traditional education provider and new dual-mode distance education provider. Also discussed are some key indicators and predictions about what the future may hold for the University.


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