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The Alliance of Universities        




23-25 OCTOBER , 2011

in Dubrovnik, Croatia


The Board of the Alliance of Universities for Democracy has selected the theme for this year’s conference

The Challenges of Democracy and the University.

At this key moment in world history, people across the globe are raising their voices and risking so much to call for full democratic participation in the political and social processes of their nations. These revolutionary developments underscore the need for educators and scholars to come together to discuss the role, responsibility and mission of universities in promoting the development of democratic citizenship and democratic values in the 21st century.

It is believed that this theme provides academics the opportunity to contribute to the international discussion of the events that are unfolding worldwide. It is essential that we address the issue of the role of the university in promoting and defining democratic values and engagement in this unprecedented period of political and social upheaval.

They believe that the university is the flagship of a society. It has the power and responsibility to lead with ideas and activities that promote the fullest development of the human being.


Some topics were suggested for consideration,

 many of which reflect the continuing focus of AUDEM members:

❖ Democracy & the Engaged University

❖ The Role of Universities in Assessing, Creating & Sustaining Democracy

❖ Engaged Pedagogy in Civil Society

❖ Educating for Democratic Citizenship

❖ Democratic Nation Building: Changes, Choices & Challenges

❖ Social Workers Promoting Democracy & Democratic Nation Building

❖ Economic Democracy & Democracy in the Workplace

❖ Assessing Bologna: What Might Bologna 2.0 Look Like?

❖ Implications of Science, Technology & Social Networking for Promoting Democracy

❖ Citizenship & Social Engagement in Art & Culture

❖ Political, Social & Educational Developments in Southeastern Europe

❖ Other relevant topics


‘Ukraina’ University is a constant member of AUDEM since 2005.

This year it was represented by Doctor Viktor I. Olefir, Vice –Rector for Science & Iryna Izmaylova, Head of International Division with SOME APPROCHES OF BEING CIVICALLY ENGAGED UNIVERSITY report. The report was of great interest as to the special responsibility for community problem-solving by actively engaging in real challenging world, community-focused education with their local communities significantly contributing to improving the quality of life and fostering sustainable partnerships, developing long-term strategies.




AUDEM members are calling people together who wish to collaboratively build an international network of scholars, educators, humanitarian organizations, government officials and politicians to develop a democratic agenda for universities for the 21st century. Our desire is to learn from the successes of programs and from theorists from many disciplines about their efforts to create an engaged university. The Alliance of Universities for Democracy (AUDEM) has since its founding been committed to defining and promoting democratic interaction and engagement.

















The Republic of Dubrovnik, established in 1358, has a centuries old commitment to justice and humanitarian principles. Its maritime flag, a white banner with the word ‘Libertas’ – freedom – emblazoned on it in red and gold flew on its ships for hundreds of years.