Fundamental & Applied Researches

Scientific Research of University "Ukraine”  offered for possible co-operation with universities abroad 


General scientific research

1. Principles of formation of an integrated educational environment.

2. Development of accommodation system as means of inclusion of students with disability into an integrated educational environment.

Research manager: President Adviser for Inclusion, PhD, Associate professor K. Kolchenko


1. Cross-cultural analysis of psychological determinants of personality socialisation and personal development of students with disability.

Research manager: DrHab O. Kokun 


Social Work

1. Life projects of personality: from theory to practice.

2. Social and psychological problems of disabled children.

3. Peculiarities of psychological stress conditions of first-year students during examinations.

Research manager: Head of the Chair, PhD, professor V. Tsiba


Physical Rehabilitation

1. Medical and pedagogical monitoring and correction of exercise performance of Paralympics sportsmen at different stages of their training.

Research manager: Rector of Lutsk Institute of Human Development, PhD, professor R. Karpiuk

2. Correction of adaptive abilities of students with disability according to cardiac rate variability.

Research manager: PhD, Associate professor N. Belikova


Economics and Management

1. Finance – ‘Financial Stability: problems and ways of solving’.

2. Banking – ‘Monetary and credit system in terms of innovation model of economic development’.

3. Marketing – ‘Marketing: formation and prospects in post-socialistic countries’.

4. Accounting and Audit – ‘Management economic mechanism improvement in terms of sustainable development’.

5. Management of Foreign-Economic Activity – ‘Public management and management of foreign-economic activity development’.

Research manager: Director of the Institute of Economics and Management, PhD, professor M. Mnih 



1. Development of longevity (life expectancy) concept as basis of sensible (creative) interaction of society and nature for its overall renewal.

2. Program planning of further development of people and society based on principles of necessity, expediency, sufficiency, reliability and simplicity.

3. Development of society public management method by means of teaching and educational programs and establishing interrelated direct and reverse links between people, society and nature.

Research manager: Dean of the Faculty of Biomedical Technologies, PhD, Associate professor K. Chernenko


Philology and mass communications

1. Imagemakering principles in modern art-technology system.

Research manager: Director of the Institute of Filology and Mass Communications, PhD, Associate professor N. Barna

2. Problems and prospects for the development of documentary communications in Ukraine and abroad.

Research manager: PhD, professor I. Lomachynska, PhD, Associate professor T. Gorbachenko

3. Information policy and network security in mass-media aspect.

Research manager: PhD, professor V. Karpenko

4. Ukrainian diaspore in modern literary art.

Research manager: PhD, Associate professor Z. Sergiychuk

5. Information products and implementation informational influence in mass communication system.

Research manager: PhD, professor B. Nikiforuk, PhD, professor V. Karpenko

6. Cultural communication through the alembic of linquo-regional geography.

Research manager: PhD, professor V.Mahinov