High Technologies Center

University pays a great attention to qualified specialists education for high technologies industry. To provide more close connection between educational process and scientific-research practice and innovative activity at 2007 the High Technology Center was created in our University.

High Technology Center consists of scientific & research establishments oriented for the most actual problems solution:


Scientific-Research Institute of Ecology and Alternative Energy Sources

Director Mykola K. Monastyrev

+38 (044) 587-65-76

+38 (067)-243-24-14

e-mail: newtec_roman@mail.ru



Scientific-Research Institute of Technical Systems Personalization and Information Security

Director Vjacheslav V. Polinovsky

+38 (044) 424-43-30

+38 (063)-258-32-26

e-mail: v.pol@hitech-uu.org.ua