The Type of Priest-Traveller, Searcher of Truth in the Prose by Valeriy Shevchuk

In the context of graphic system of the modern masters’ works - Ukrainian prose of V. Shevchuk – images of clergy take up a special place. The type of priest - traveler, seeker of truth is essential in the works of V. Shevchuk. They have their prototypes belonging to the Baroque epoch, so they represent the baroque nature: their inherent inner ambivalence, experience of difficult, contradictory feelings, doubt, fear, confusion. Characters are united by penchant for philosophical reflection, intellectual discussions, recording of their adventures, love to traveling, disclosure of secrets, search for the hidden meaning of life and their own existence. This type is disclosed in the context of acute, often detective story conflicts in determining catholicity issue and this is usually due to personal narrative.


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