Social Projects

Student’s social service (further SSS) has been available on university campus since April 2002.

One of the most favourite activities is, beyond doubt, collective tour «Along the kosaks’ ways», where we can always acquire valuable knowledge by communicating with like-minded persons from other volunteer groups, children and youth organisations of SPOK. We always try to help organisers in organising the tour by conducting trainings, sport games and other activities for all the participants.

There’s one more festival we have attended as an active organisers. That is «White lake», all-Ukrainian social and ecological festival with a motto «From art to ecology». And here, as volunteers of SSS we had enough work: shows, games, competitions, contests on preventive measures and ecology.

Later in Kiev, during the university semester, the results of this activity appear as newspaper articles, conference reports, etc.

Festival of children with disabilities «Let’s believe in ourselves» helped a lot of out students to believe in their strength. And the volunteers as always got a possibility to communicate and help organisers and participants.

Another organiser of SSS is Kyiv City Centre of Youth Social Service under Kyiv City State Administration patronage. Student’s social service is dealing with students’ adaptation to conditions of study and environment. Service’s activities are:

  • prevention of negative occurrences in students’ environment (consultancies are provided by social instructor and psychologist, lectures and trainings for student groups are conducted according to "Equal to equal” method; also there are annual seminar on prevention methods, educating volunteers in appropriate state and private institutions; organisation and conduction of ІІ-nd session "Origins” on topic "Your life – your choice”;
  • activities on prevention of negative occurrences in youth environmentin terms of all-Ukrainian festival "White Lake”; distribution of preventive literature at university departments; preparation of trainings "Youth in favour of health” in terms of Leader’s council of students’ self-government);
  • informational work (preparing and printing preventive and other issues);
  • adaptation and socialisation of students with special needs (questionnaires, individual consultations, informative issues, involvement of students with special needs in social activities, students’ participation and organisation of art festivals of children with disabilities);
  • leisure organisation (organisation of some actions, together with Kyiv City State Administration, and hiking tours);
  • organisation of game session outdoors and in children hospitals;
  • ecology and environment protection (territory cleaning and tree planting);
  • "Helpmail” project (specialist consulting for students by mail);
  • charity action on collecting things for the Red Cross.



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Student Self-government

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