Stages of Development


The first meeting of the founders of Open International University of Human  Development ‘Ukraine’.

The founders were:

Kyiv City State Administration,

Ukrainian Union of Disabled,

International Foundation for Human Development,

Ukrainian Association of Deaf,

International Foundation for Chernobyl Disabled,

and others.


The University got a license for 21 academic programme, and the Admission Comission started its work.

The first 1 616 students began to study at the University.

The first branches of the University had opened in 20 cities throughout Ukraine.



The University opened two new branches.

6 000 university students were enrolled to study on 28 specialties.

The I-st International Scientific-Practical Conference ‘Actual Problems of Education and Upbringing of People in the Integrated Environment’ launched  the annual discussion of scientists, lecturers and students from all over the world to solve the problems of disabled people’s integration into educational environment as well as inclusive education.



University ‘Ukraine’ together with its affiliates located in 24 cities compiles about 12 000 students’ being trained on 30 licensed specialities.



The Institute of Generations’ Harmony for aged people adaptation to the reality was organized in Kyiv.

17 thousand of students (1.5 thousand students with disabilities among them) were studying in main affiliate and in 24 regional others.



25 thousand of students were studying on 47 specialties. Affiliates of the University were being developed into institutes.

University become the first high educational institution in Ukraine that took part in implementing a distance learning methods experiment under                            the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and Academy of Pedagogical  Sciences of Ukraine approval. Distance learning methods have provided equal access to education of people, especially with disabilities.

All-Ukrainian Youth Public Non-Governmental Organisation ‘GAUDEAMUS’ was founded by the students and staff of the University to protect the rights of its members and to promote the development of innovative educational activity in studying students with special needs.

University ‘Ukraine’ was rated the 8-th among 110 Ukrainian non-state universities.

The project of building reconstruction has been developed to create the first modern building of the University ‘Ukraine’ campus in 23 Lvivska Street in Kyiv.



On 24th February, 2004 he first local center of distance learning was established in the town of Polonne, Khmelnytsky region.

16 regional centers were opened up to 1st of March, 2004.

At the end of the year the structure of distance learning network of 16 regional and 313 local centers was opened.

Well-equipped ‘Universitet Ukraina’ Publishing House began to function. It has released approximately millions editions, especially for distance learning students.

33 thousand of students were studying on 50 specialties, among them 1514 are distance learning students.

University „Ukraine” was rated the 4-th among 110 Ukrainian non-state universities.

The University got credit resourses to build the first inclusive campus in Ukraine.



The University structure consists of 7 institutes, 17 branches, 16 regional and 313 local centers of distance learning through the Ukraine.

4000 faculties provide high level of education to 35 thousand of students on 84 academic programmes.

University „Ukraine” was rated the 3-rd among 110 Ukrainian non-state universities.

University was accredited at level 3-4 according to the Ukrainian National Qualifications.

The first University’s building is in the process of intensive construction.


University “Ukraine” was the first university in the world to be honored with great ‘University of Peace’ title for its high mission the Japanese                            ‘Stars of Peace’ NGO.

The first University’s own building opened its doors to the students of three faculties.


University was fully accredited at level 4 on the Ukrainian National Qualifications.

Membership in Alliance of Universities for Democracy (AUDEM).



The second building opened its doors and entrance ramps for the                           students.



Set into operation the dining room for 100 students in University campus, the ‘Petrivs’ka Sloboda’ Recreation Complex and restaurant ‘Coliba’ (Mizhgir’ya region, Trans-Carpathians Mountains).


University has become an official partner of program Canadian-Ukrainian Project ‘Inclusive Children Education in Ukraine’.

High School of Political Leader started to work.


The third University’s academic building of 5000 m2 relating to architecture requirements for accessibility opened its doors to the students of three faculties.

Specialized Scientific Comissions for PhD diplomas procedure passing in 8 fields were created.

Membership in MOC (Microeconomics of Competitiveness) network created by Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness of Harvard Business School.


In February, 2012 President of University P. Talanchuk became a member of International Association of University’s Presidents (IAUP) – a first President of Ukrainian HEI in this association.


University compiles:

11 Administrative Divisions,

6 Institutes, 1 Faculty, 1 College,

5 Scientific Research Institutes,

25 affiliates throughout Ukraine (13 institutes, 3 branches, 9 colleges),

22 202 students (among them 1070 students with disability, 45 orphans, 968 children from socially vulnerable families);

1 982 lecturers (1 076 with postgraduate science degrees (212 Doctors of Science, Professors and 864 Candidates of Science),

2 Academicians of National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences and

3 Corresponding Member of National Academy of Sciences,

8 Postgraduate Programs and 71 postgraduate students,

43 lecturers are exploring the issues of their scientific research for Doctoral Degree and 358 competitors of science degree.

48 accredited Bachelors’ Programs,

31 accredited Specialits’ Programs,

30 accredited Masters’ Programs,

well-equipped premises in the accessible buildings.

Scientists have the significant achievements in Ecology, Medicine, Renewable Energy Computer Technologies and Pedagogy. Researches are being conducted on nine fundamental programmes.


First Inclusive University in Ukraine!