Strategy of Development

The mission of our University is to provide quality higher education for people who desire to reach their full potential. 

The aim of the University is to provide a university education for anyone willing to learn, including young people with special needs.

University "Ukraine” provides equal access to an integrated education for people anyone interested in learning: people with and without disabilities, people with different financial possibilities and those with and without previous access to quality education. At University "Ukraine” we offer a system of support for people with special needs studying in integrated classes. Today there are more than 2,000 students with visual, hearing, mobility and other medical impairments successfully studying at our University.

The main goal of the University is to create and organise system of training and retraining specialists with different qualifications in the field of market economy, social and law protection, financial and economic activity of organisations and institutions, first of all - among people with disabilities and functional limitations, especially those suffered from Chernobyl, local conflicts, wars and emergency situations; development of rehabilitation methods for people with disabilities; adaptation of university graduates to the definite manufacturing environment by creating an integrated institution (educational-manufacturing complex), continuing education, investigations, consulting and mediation.

Main tasks of the University are:

  • mobilisation of potentials of state, municipal, private and departmental educational institutions, manufacturing structures, public organisations, funds and natural persons in order to create scientific, education-rehabilitation base for educating, manufacturing and retraining specialists, among people with disabilities in the first place;
  • Creation, selection and introduction those educational methodics and techniques that provide integration of training with manufacturing, scientific researches and methods of adaptation of specialists to full life, and their studying modern methods of management and business
  • Favouring retraining and constant improvement of professionalism of the whole population of Ukraine;
  • Creation of scientific-methodical informational centre in order to co-ordinate activity of regional and branch educational institutions, and also to investigate the field of collaboration and adaptation of people with disabilities into educational-manufacturing field; introduction of distant learning technologies for the whole population of Ukraine;
  • Carrying out fundamental and applied scientific researches in Arts, natural, technical and other sciences.

Nas griye yak maty, studentiv bagato
U svitle vede maybuttya.
Pid zatishnim dahom, za obranim fahom
Putivku daye u zhittya, daye u zhittya.
Splivayut’ tizhni, misyaci y lita,
Vidomiy i za mezhami krayini,
Precrasniy hram nauki procvita,
Nash Alma-mater ‘Ukrayina’.
Simya vikladac’ka pidnime na krila,
Piznannya rozgornetsya styag.
Zhivi, ‘Ukrayino’, yedina rodino,
Hay im’ya svyatitsya v vikah, svyatitsya v vikah.
Velikim talantam – shiroka doroga,
I poshuk yiyi ne prostiy.
Z osvitoyu poryad zdobut’ peremogu –
Dobro pronesti po zemli, pronesti po zemli.