Students Activities

The road to the knowledge was never easy. Both experienced people and those, who only begin to learn and will independent working life, know that. 

Still school and college years have always been the best time in everyone’s life. It’s not only new experience, but also communication with friends, common trips and celebrations, exciting victories. 

In order to fully use creative potential of our youth, discuss and solve problems of improving teaching and educational process, to conduct researches, to represent student’s rights and interests before administration, public organisations and state bodies, to support youth organisations’ activities, take part in university management, organise leisure and every-day life of our university, a system of students’ self-government was created. 

It is very important that experienced and skilled instructors, like we have at our university supported all your beginnings. 


It has become a good tradition to conduct an International Scientific Conference ‘Actual problems of educating and bringing up people with special needs’ on the eve of Disabled People’s Day. As its name implies, the conference is centred on disabled youth problems. Last year (2014) it was already the XIV conference that took place in Kiev. A lot of people from education and scientific area, representatives of ministries, departments and organisations that care about people with disabilities, leaders of public organisations of people with disabilities, charitable funds took part in it. 

If you have communication problems, feel discomfort, fear or depression, want a better understanding of yourself, your abilities, you can receive a consultation with a psychologist from university psychological service.