Towards the History

History of development


Open University of Human Development “Ukraine” is one of the youngest institutions of higher education in this country. It was founded on 18th February, 1999 under the decision of Kyiv City Council together with Kyiv City State Administration. Most Regional Councils also participated in foundation of the University. Thus University branches are situated in the most of the regional centres and many towns of regional subordination.

University history starts at 1998, when representatives of the Kirovograd Regional Fund of Social Protection of People with Disabilities came to Kyiv and offered Petro Mychailovych Talanchuk to create a new institution of higher education for people with functional limitations. It was created very soon. Firstly it was named Institute of Human Development (Institute for Disabled People), but in one year it became Open University of Human Development “Ukraine” with Petro Talanchuk as a President.




Petro Mychailovych Talanchuk - the first Minister of Education of independent Ukraine, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, corresponding member of Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, the President of Academy of Engineering Sciences of Ukraine (1991), member of three international academies, author of 50 patented inventions and more than 450 scientific works.

University “Ukraine” is the only integrated institution of higher education that welcomes young people with different levels of grounding, different social opportunities and different health conditions. It voluntarily undertook the mission of educating people with special needs and that remains its unique feature.


At present the University has 114 licensed and accredited  specialities.

At the moment university has different specialities - from journalistic to computer engineering, from psychology to microbiology, from engineering to rehabilitation and social technologies. The constant forecasting of future competitive professions and future specialities are being created.


There are part-time, full-time studies, and tuition by correspondence; and the degrees given are Junior Specialist (23 programs), Bachelor (34 programs), Specialist (28 programs) and Magistr (29 programs).


You have to pay in order to study at our university, but there is a flexible discount system.

For example, the winners of international scientific and educational competitions and those who graduated secondary or high schools with honours have 25% discount.

According to the policy of being open to all layers of the population, University offers the lowest prices in Ukraine - from 3000 to 15000 UAH per year.

Besides Kyiv city administration pays for Kyiv students with special needs, orphans and those with difficult living conditions (based on competitive exam).


There are access courses and Professional Preparation Centre at the University.


At present there are more than 16 thousand students at University “Ukraine” (including 32 regional branches all over the country): full-time students - about 8 thousand, part-time students - about 8 thousand.


Training of specialists is carried out by highly qualified faculty (there are 1 444 of them), leading scientists of Ukraine, experienced experts. Among them there are 48% PhD and professors, 39% candidates of science and assistant professors.


At the main branch in Kyiv there are 344 lecturers, including 46 (13,3%) PhD and professors, 153 (44,4%) candidates of sciences and assistant professors.


There are 32 branches throughout Ukraine. Altogether there are 16 060 students; among them 782 students have disability. Rapid development of several regional branches provides implementation of one of the main conceptual principles: it is not the student coming to the university, but university coming to the student – to every region of the country, and in the future, with developing system of distant education – to every house. It gives people with disabilities and poor students an opportunity to study.


In conditions of national economical crisis about 2 thousand of working places were created there. Material and technical basis consists of 187 thousand square metres of educational-manufacturing space. General library fund calculates 982.5 thousand books, though this number is constantly growing.


University has constructed the first in Ukraine completely barrier-free (accessible) buildings.


University carries out scientific researches, directions of scientific researches were determined; educational-research laboratory of rehabilitation of people with disabilities was created.


At the same time there are several social and cultural activities (clubs and public organisations) for university students. Among them there are students parliament, activities for volunteers, tourism project ‘Ways of Ukraine’, specialised student social service for young people, students trade union, theatre group ‘Svarga’, student-teacher law clinic, several professional and leisure activities, including tourism club and CFC team (Cute and Funny Club).


Open International University of Human Development “Ukraine” is a unique institution of higher education, which has no analogue in Ukraine; it is a new model of democratic standards of implementation of human right for education.