Training in Integrated Environment

License given by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine АE № 636064 from 10.03.2015

University “Ukraine” is a non-governmental, non-profitable higher educational institution which was founded on the 7th of May 1999 with support of Kiev city state administration.


University “Ukraine” is a higher educational institution of integrated type. It’s aim is to provide equal access to high quality education for all members of society, including people with disabilities, by means of equal opportunities policy.

Among 16 000 students (full-time and part-time) there are about 700 students with disabilities at the university. Students with special needs study together with their healthy peers in integrated groups – micro-models of a social environment.

In order to provide equal access to education for such students the university implements the system of learning support, including innovative educational technologies, special methods of support and adaptation technical means.


State educational standards are the basis of higher education and are obligatory for all students disregarding their state of health. Only with such attitude the graduates with disabilities will be able to compete at the job market. We perceive our disabled students as equal and the university demands are the same for everybody.


Our complex system of support comes into action when a disabled person comes to the university admission committee, where (s)he gets necessary information concerning university specialities, conditions and forms of study, system of discounts and benefits, necessary admission documents.


The list of admission documents


The applicants should hand in the applications personally.

Other necessary documents include:

  • state issued document regarding general school education (education and qualification level);
  • 4 photos (3х4 cm);
  • passport (its xerox copy – committee representative should compare it to the passport);
  • copy of identification code certificate.


Applicants with disabilities also need:

  • МSЕC reference;
  • individual rehabilitation program;
  • reference from the district office of social service concerning members of family and family total revenue (for the last 6 month).


At the admission stage we find out about the applicants’ state of health, advise them on their career, define what special technical means or tutor support are needed, if any.

Entrance examination are in form of test or an interview (technical means and tutor support are provided, if needed).

After enrolment the disabled students can attend special courses and learn how to use technical education means, for example, computers and additional hardware, media at the Centre of individual work, etc.

Applicants, who didn’t pass the test or competition, can enter correction groups (and pass the test later) or access course next year.


Admission committee address:

104 Room, 23 Lvivska str., Kyiv, Ukraine

(metro “Zhytomirska”)

Tel.: + 380-44-409-27-62
       + 380-44-424-70-08