University ‘Ukraine’ is a classic educational institution. It means that there are many different directions and specialties including engineering, design, philology, psychology, physical rehabilitation, biotechnology, publishing, economic and management, computer science, automobile, law etc (45 specialties at this moment). The new specialties are coming all the time.

The main goal is to provide high quality high education services to all people especially to disabled through modern education technologies implementation. The University ‘Ukraine’ is the first one and unique who has opened the doors for all people including disabled trying to decide their social rehabilitation problem in integrated educational environment. Now the 9% of students with different physical problems are studying in the University. It is interesting to note that all educational institutions in Ukraine has about 0,4% of disabled students in average.

The educational process in Kiev branch is organized at 7 institutions. There are about 8 thousand of students in Kiev. University is in the process of building the new premises – the first in Ukraine project with access without architectural barriers. To be clear, Kiev branch is like a University visit card and always will stay an experimental educational and scientific laboratory of the university.


President of the University Petro M. Talanchuk - ex-minister of education, doctor of engineering sciences, professor, actual member of Academy of pedagogical sciences of Ukraine, President of Academy of engineering sciences of Ukraine (1991), member of four international academies – is one of the most having authority and respect people.

The University teaching staff consists of the teachers coming from the leading national state higher educational institutions. The whole network staff is more than 2 000 people including 500 in Kiev. Kiev staff is for both purposes – serving Kiev branch and managing the whole system including the network of branches.

As the main goal is to provide high quality higher education services to all people especially to disabled and poor, the University goes into every village, every house. Thus the distance learning organizational structure of 340 local and basics centers was created in 16 regions of Ukraine and abroad.