All-Ukrainian Youth Public Organization of Disabled Students "Gaudeamus" 

Organization is founded by the students and employees of the University "Ukraine". It is registered by Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on September 16, 2003, purchased status of young people’s organization in 2006. 

The goal is satisfaction and to protection of the rights and interests of its members, assistance to development of innovative educational activity in field of studies of students with disability. 

AUYPOS "Gaudeamus" has 21 branches in regional centres and others towns of Ukraine. 

Board: Presidium of 9 members and President as a head.


The main tasks are:

  • assistance in providing of equal access to study and educational environment;
  • assistance in applying of the modern educational technologies and means of learning support for students with special educational needs;
  • improvement of educational policy in Ukraine, social adaptation and professional rehabilitation of people with special needs;
  • development of scientific activity of students with disabilities;
  • providing of social adaptation and accommodation for students with disabilities, support in employment and development of career for graduated students; 
  • fostering of physical culture and sport, physical rehabilitation of students with disabilities;
  • implementing the experience of foreign countries in educational sphere, culture, socio-legal protection and rehabilitation of the disabled;
  • assistance in development of creative capabilities of talented disabled young people;
  • assistance in internships and practice of students with disabilities on the base of international and Ukrainian educational establishments;
  • assistance in organization of scientific and sociological researches on issues of people with disabilities. 

Organization is granted by charity funds and voluntary donation from government bodies, business corporations, funds, commercial structures. Commercial activity does not carry on. 

"Gaudeamus" cooperates with a number of organizations:

  • Open International University of Human Development "UKRAINE";
  • Ministry of Ukraine of Education and Science, Young People and Sport;
  • National Assembly of Invalids of Ukraine;
  • Fund of Assistance of Democracy of Embassy of the USA in Ukraine;
  • International Women’s Club in Kyiv;
  • Kyiv Municipal Centre of Family "Rodynnyy dim".



The results of activity of AUYPOS "Gaudeamus" in 2003-2014:

1. Has assisted in organizing of IV - XIV th International conferences ‘Actual problems of educating and upbringing of people in the integrated educational environment’, I-XII th All-Ukrainian students scientific conferences ‘Youth: Education, Science, Spirituality’.

2. Has organized competitions of the student scientific works within the framework of V - ХIV th International conferences ‘Actual problems of educating and upbringing of people in the integrated educational environment’, 6 scientific grants for students with disabilities were imlemented for their researches.

3. The theses of reports of V-ХIVth International conferences ‘Actual problems of educating and upbringing of people in the integrated educational environment’were published.

4. The theses of reports of I-XIІ th All-Ukrainian student scientific conferences ‘Youth: Education, Science, Spirituality’ were published.

5. Has assisted to organize I – VIІ th of the All-Ukrainian sporting games among students with disabilities, ІІ - XII of festivals of student creative work "Syayvo Nadiy", and All-Ukrainian Forum of leaders of youth motion of invalids.

 6. Centre of planning and development of career for students with disabilities was created with financial support from the International women’s club.

 7. Grant is got from Fund of Assistance of Democracy of Embassy of the USAin Ukraine to for the equipment of the Centre, organization of training for the development of career, creation of data base of students and graduated with disabilities. A book ‘Support of process of Employment of Graduated students with Disabilities from the Higher Educational Institutions of Ukraine: Aspect of Human Rights’ was published.

 8. Taking part in preparation of methodical manuals ‘Accommodation in learning support of students with disabilities in the integrated educational environment’ and ‘Creation of equal possibilities for students with disabilities’.

 9. International Round Table on questions of accommodation in learning support of students with the special needs with participation of experts from the USA, Canada, and Poland was organized.

 10. International examination of accessible campus of the University "Ukraine” was organized.

 11. Grant is got from the Kyiv Municipal Centre for Family "Rodynnyy dim” for the creation of information and consultation centre on questions of religion for young people and their families.

 12. In 2004 – 2014 took part in the exhibitions "INVAEXPO" (devoted to problems of complex rehabilitation of people with disabilities).

 13. Monthly delivery of food sets was organized for aged and disabled people within the framework of grant from the International Women’s Club.

 14. Financing of project the integration program ‘Through Integration - to Development of Personality’ jointly with the University "Ukraine" within the framework of the National Program of Support of Young People on 2004-2008.

 360 members in 21 branches of "Gaudeamus" Organization continue the activity and invite to collaborate people, who are not indifferent to the problems people with the special needs.



Bank accounts:

Settlement account 26007001124595

In CB 'Khreschatik'

IFD 300670,

Code 26437102.