Students’ Self-Government



Students’ self-government includes young people, who try to solve their problems by themselves, but also with support of administration. These are students who take an active stand in the life of the university and their personal lives. These are students who can unite like-minded young people from all over Ukraine in order to achieve some common goal. For better effectiveness students’ self-government took system of State Administration for a model. So today we have Cabinet of Ministers, parliament, president’s advisers. The president elected by overall university elections heads the structure.


At the university there is a project ‘Council of students’ self-government leaders’. Students from all far-away branches gather twice a year and work according to the program and current projects.




We are together again, we are friends forever,

We’ve gathered here to tell everybody

About our friendship and our hearts,

We’ll be together till the end.



Let there be an eternal flame in our hearts

In summer, spring and winter,

Let all people in the world know,

That we are „Ukraine”, „ Ukraine ” means us.



All over Ukraine you can hear our songs

In the evening and in the morning, in winter and in spring.

Zhytomir, Vinnitsa, and Kyiv, and Kherson -

We are all singing in unison.




We are all happy, charming, active,

And at the university we are together every day.

Let our smiles and happy laughter

Bring happiness to everybody else.





Project ‘Youth conference of lidership’ in Poltava