Petro Talanchuk, President of the University,

  is known not only in Ukraine but in many countries as a gifted scientist, politician, and  talented manager. 

Date of birth      1-st of July 1938















Graduated from Kyiv Polytechnic Institute with honored degree

Worked as a assistant of lecture at the same HEI


Candidate Degree in Technical Sciences


PhD Degree in Technical Sciences,

Rector of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute


People Deputy of USSR Supreme Soviet


Initiator of foundation and the President of the

Academy of Engineering Sciences of Ukraine

Scientific degree: Doctor of Technical Sciences

Academic status: Professor


Scientific ranks:

full member of the Academy of Pedagogical

Sciences of Ukraine,

Academician of 4 international Academies,

Honored Rector of National Technical

University of Ukraine 'Kyiv Polytechnic Institute'

Honoured scientific and technical worker of Ukraine



Founder and President of Open International

University of Human Development "Ukraina”

author of 50 patented inventions and more than 450 cientific studies

including 11 monographs and 9 textbooks



The main lines of scientific work are: in technical sciences - instrument-making; in humanitarian sciences – education, pedagogy, science of science.

Petro Talanchuk has state awards, among them order "Friendship of the nations” (1985), a lot of medals.

During 1989 – 1991 years he was USSR Supreme Soviet delegate.

Among his interests are social, state and youth problems of independent Ukraine.

He was first minister of education of independent Ukraine (1992 – 1994). Under his direction an educational reform has started, State national program "Education” Ukraine. XXI century” was developed and approved.

Petro Talanchuk was initiator of creation and then President of Open international university of human development "Ukraine” (1999), the main goal of which is to provide equal access to higher education for everybody, including people with special needs and poor.