Reading In L2 (English) And L1 (Persian): Fostering Autonomous Reading

Seyed Hassan Talebi,

Assistant Professor in the Department of English language

and literature at the University of Mazandaran, Iran,

E-mail: htalebi1@yahoo.com


Reading In L2 (English) And L1 (Persian): Fostering Autonomous Reading


His main research areas are Strategic Language Learning, Transfer of Reading Strategies, and Learner Autonomy.


Focus on the process of reading, not just on the product, makes less able learner be more effective learners. This study was intended to raise learner autonomy among Iranian native speakers of Persian in their L2 (English) and L1 (Persian) reading comprehension through cognitive and metacognitive reading strategies instruction (CMRSI) in L2. The participants were divided into intermediate and advanced English language proficiency levels and then put into control and experimental groups. The data collected showed that as a result of CMRSI in L2, the reading strategy awareness and effective use as well as reading ability of students increased not only in L2 in which the instruction was given, but also in L1. It is concluded that in order to have readers who are autonomous in reading in a given language, say L1, L2, or any further language, we should familiarize students with strategic reading and learning. However, these attitudical changes towards reading tasks can be observed in other languages as a result of cross-linguistic transfer of attitudes.


Source: Актуальні проблеми навчання та виховання людей в інтегрованому освітньому середовищі. Тези доповідей. Одинадцята міжнародна науково-практична конференція, 2011.

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