The Family Having A Member With Disability — The Basic Characteristic From The Point Of View Of Helping Professions

J. Michaluk,

Institute of Special Education, Palacky University Olomouc,

Czech Republic


The Family Having A Member With Disability — The Basic Characteristic From The Point Of View Of Helping Professions


The content of the essays deals with partial outcomes of GAHR HR research mapping quality of life of people caring of family member with severe disability. The article includes the description of basic factors that affect life of caring family from the point of view of macro social aspects. This description is worth for workers of helping professions such as teachers, psychologists, moreover doctors and others — all those, who are in professional contact with children with disability and their families.


Every worker of helping profession gets sooner or later into situation (whether it means during counselling, intervention, therapy, etc.) where he/she meets with members of family as a part of the solution of the situation. The family having member with disability is largely characterized by the same features as the so called common family. As we recently observed both types of family are concerned with general tendencies — demographic, sociological end economical. Particularly we mean tendencies such as the ageing population, continually increasing number of divorces, decay of extended family into nuclear family etc.


We mention also the impact of financial and economic crisis after year 2008 in Anglo-Saxon world on the life of some groups of families (particularly low-income, single parent family, etc.).


Some of the parameters that have impact on the system of internal relationships in family and family existence in social environment are influenced by the presence of disability in the family — and also need a care. Within the research called ‘Quality of life of families caring for family member with severe disability’ (Czech Science Foundation, under number 406/ 09/0177, started at 2009) we concentrated on depiction of basic characteristics of such families.


In the article will be presented some characteristics that reflect the status of these families in society and description of prevailing trends (influences) we observed in Czech republic (and probably not only there).

Attention is paid to the following factors:

The number of caring families in CZ

Caring family as an unrepeatable social unit

A low level of public support

Economic background of caring families

Care and its time aspects

The housing conditions

Quality of home care

The proportion of women in home care.


The aim of the article is to present to the workers of helping professions basic overview of the status of such families as an aid for them (psychologist, teacher, doctor) that can be used to adopt individual interventions to expected situation in which is the family having child with disability.


Source: Актуальні проблеми навчання та виховання людей в інтегрованому освітньому середовищі. Тези доповідей. Одинадцята міжнародна науково-практична конференція, 2011.

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