Social Sphere Manager Professional Requirements to Manage a Creative Team


Taras. V. Hryhorchuk


By a creative organization or just a team we mean a participant of the social sphere, who implements some social, cultural, civil and other projects in the market environment, sometimes under the influence of hedonistic attitudes of its individual members. As a result, in comparison with usual business, it gets more complicated forms, which create conditions for other forms of management and put new requirements for a manager of creative team at the forefront.

Based on the analysis of literature data, we have noticed that in Ukraine little attention is paid to the problems of managing creative teams, so in this article we are going to more deeply explore issues related to the professional requirements of the managers of social services that provide management and coordination functions within creative teams.

During the research we have found some special conditions for a creative team manager in today’s market, including: increasing global competition, especially in the social sphere; marketing solutions of successful creative teams, active development of information technologies and their penetration into all spheres of human activity, changes in the criteria that determine qualifications of creative works, and increasing importance of manager's reputation; changing values orientation of the staff. All of these conditions require the formation of special competence for managers of creative team.

World practice of management offers many important solutions that can provide qualified training for managers. However, with regard to national peculiarities of the market space and work of creative team in social settings, we have identified the main characteristics required for a manager of creative team. These are: strategic thinking, the ability to analyse business environment, adapting it into the working process of creative team, innovative thinking for creating an innovative environment, use of modern methods and technology management team, the ability to solve non-standard problems, as a leader.

Based on the foregoing, we believe that the issue of determining the complex business knowledge, skills and personal qualities and traits of creative team managers should be given a lot of attention as knowledge thus obtained will more clearly form professional requirements. As the result, manager’s activity more fully meets the task of creative organisations and contributes to social development, the objectives and mission of the organization.


Key words: professional requirements, skills, capabilities, management, efficiency of guidance, a creative organization.




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